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ILFFPS Symposium Speaker Annette Zapp

Over the next several weeks I will be posting Q and A about the speakers at our first annual symposium.  This week we are going to hear from Annette Zapp, Lieutenant at the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District.


Sign up for the ILFFPS 2019 Symposium and attend Annette Zapp’s session.

 Tell our readers a little bit about your own journey.
My journey has been a series of 90 degree turns that have led me from research to full-time fitness coaching to full-time firefighting to blending all of those careers together!  I earned an MA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine in the mid-90s.  I dabbled a bit in full-time research until I turned to a career in strength and conditioning.

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An Advocate for Mental Health

On this World Mental Health Day 2018, I discuss how peer support specialists are advocates for mental health. Watch the video below for more.

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Find a Way Within Yourself to Let It Go

For this installment of our team blog, I am trying a video log format. Please send your thoughts to

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Moving Beyond the Lights and Sirens

On May 28th of this year, I entered what will be my last year in the fire service.  It has been the greatest honor to serve others in their time of need, and I openly embrace my pending retirement with a balanced mind, body, and spirit.    Several firefighters on my department will retire before me over the next year, and this got me thinking about what it will be like to move beyond the lights and sirens. Read More

Courage to Move Beyond the Shadows

During a recent conversation, I was asked what it was like to share my story for the first time with my colleagues. How was it accepted? Was I viewed as weak because I openly shared my mental health struggles? The easiest way for me to answer the above questions is to rewind the video in my life and start at that moment in time.

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