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Other Side of the Hero: Interview with Karen and Rico

Last week Jon Sanders, host of The Fire Inside Podcast interviewed co-producers of The Other Side of the Hero Karen Shopsowitz and Enrico Colantoni.  Karen and Rico recount their 5 year journey in the making of this extraordinary documentary.  Next week, we will hear more from Jon on what he will bring to next month’s symposium.  The screening of Hero will be on March 21st beginning at 6 pm – free to all attendees and a $10 donation from all others. This screening is open to family members of 1st responders, fire, police, dispatchers, recruits, and the general public who wish to take a peek into the lives of individuals after the uniform comes off.


Open up the link below to access The Fire Inside Podcast to listen to not only Karen and Rico, but Symposium speakers:

Tom Howard and Jeff Dill

Andy Perry

Wendy Lund

Annette Zapp

Chris Marella,

Jon Sanders

Jacqueline Toomey



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