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Cornbelt FPD, IL Registration

PEER SUPPORT TRAINING COURSE                                               


Saturday, April 30th, 830am-4pm
Sunday, May 1st, 830am-4pm


Cornbelt FPD
506 E Main St,
Mahomet, IL

Cost: Cost of this class is being cover by a grant from the State Fire Marshals office 

Any questions feel free to contact us at

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be a member of the Peer Support team. As a member you will potentially meet one on one with peers as well as participate in outreach events.  You will also be asked to attending formal events like Road To Help and Re;act. We will also be looking for people to write articles for our blog.

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Our Vision

"Illinois Firefighter Peer Support seeks to contribute and provide ongoing emotional wellness resources that are readily needed in the fire service and for emergency responders." Learn More...